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Lithops is the first Italian Li-Ion technology developer and provider, established in Turin in 2010. Lithops is partner with global leading players and Universities to develop proprietary lithium battery technologies focusing on next generation active materials and assembly processes.

Lithops has installed the first production scale Li-ion pouch cell assembling line in Italy (presently one of few in Europe), covering from active material mixing to cell forming, and has gained almost seven years of experience in designing and assembling electrodes for different applications and using different active materials.

At the end of 2015 Lithops became part of the Seri Group, being incorporated in its subsidiary FIB (owner of the FAAM brand). FAAM has more than 40 years of experience in producing lead-acid batteries for stationary, traction and automotive applications and almost 10 years of experience in assembling Li-ion batteries, having developed its own property control and cooling systems.

Seri, through its Seri Plast and Seri Plant, combines more than 20 years of experience in lead recycling turnkey plant and plastic recovery and recycling. Today, Seri Group has 800 employees, € 180m turnover, its Industrial division is listed in Milano stock market under Seri Industrial.

Thanks to the combined experiences, the Group aims to develop the first Italian Li-ion battery vertical supply chain, from raw materials to second life battery reuse. By mid 2019, Lithops and FAAM plan to establish the first lithium-ion cell and battery production plant (under our battery brand FAAM) in Teverola (close to Napoli) with an initial capacity of 200 MWh, targeting military, industrial and storage applications.

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