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SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. has a long-lasting and successful worldwide presence in the energy storage and power supply sectors. It operates in the market for three decades and ranks among the world’s top manufacturers of energy products and systems, being specialized in design, production and distribution of:

•           Energy Storage Systems for industrial, consumer and advanced applications (motive/traction batteries, stand by batteries, torpedo and submarine batteries etc.)

•           Energy Power Systems (generating sets, UPS, DC power systems, industrial air-conditioning)

•           Green Energy Systems (autonomous and grid connected photovoltaic systems, energy saving solutions)

•           Energy-related services (consulting, technical support, spare marts, site survey, installation, commissioning, maintenance, training, recycling, rental/leasing services)

Based on a wide range of products and services, as well as extensive expertise and cumulative experience, SUNLIGHT offers to customers customized turn-key solutions that cover the high demanding energy needs of various sectors, including Industry, Supply chain and logistics, Telecommunications, IT, Defence, Constructions and Infrastructure. Headquartered in Greece and aiming at further enhancing its position in the international market, SUNLIGHT has developed autonomous entrepreneurial presence in nine countries, while constantly expanding sales and partners network.

SUNLIGHT is active in the design, production and distribution of batteries and energy production systems with a manpower that exceeds 930 employees in Greece and abroad. The company’s production process is based on the industrial complex in Neon Olvio of Xanthi. The company’s industrial unit covers an area of 200,000,000 m2, with covered spaces exceeded 60,000m2. The production lines include the following:

•           Lead acid sealed type industrial batteries (VRLA & OPzV) and vented type industrial batteries (OPzS & Traction)

•           Lithium Ion batteries

•           Cylindrical Zinc-Chlroride batteries

•           Advanced Lead acid batteries for submarine propulsion

•           Silver-Zinc batteries for combat and exercise torpedoes

The plant also includes assembly lines that include:

•           Nickel-Cadmium batteries for military and industrial applications, Generating sets, Telecom Power Supply Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS), Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems, Industrial Rectifiers, Electrogenerating sets and Electronic Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

The company’s range of products includes the following:

•           Industrial application accumulators, Special application accumulators (submarine torpedoes)

•           Renewable energy sources, Power electronics, Generating sets

•           Lithium Ion batteries

The Research & Development Department is the prime department that designs and implements solutions to upgrade the technological profile of the company and has participated successfully in a significant number of projects financed at national and European level.

SUNLIGHT Recycling factory unit, deployed in an area of 42 square kilometres in the Industrial Area of Komotini, constitutes a business evolution of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A., generating value for the company, the domestic economy and the environment. With a recycling capacity of 25,000 tons of used batteries per year, SUNLIGHT Recycling presents the first comprehensive lead-acid battery recycling approach in Greece, by utilizing the most modern plant in Europe in technological and environmental terms, certified by EMAS More specifically, what is achieved through the new unit is the collection of used lead batteries, the recycling thereof based on international quality standards and the future exploitation thereof by SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT for the manufacture of new batteries in Greece.

By using top know-how, the factory’s production procedure has been formed appropriately, ensuring top environmental performance. More specifically:

SUNLIGHT plays a determinative role in the achievement of the specific environmental goals of Greece and strengthens the domestic value added. At the same time, it strengthens the competitiveness through the vertical integration of its production, and it significantly reduces the quantity of lead imported by Greece.

2 Ermou and Nikis Street – Syntagma Square – 10563 Athens – Greece