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-TEESMAT Webinar Series-





23 JUNE 2021 15:00-16:00 CEST

TEESMAT project organises a series of webinars with the Service Providers presenting the validated characterization techniques and user cases.

The first webinar, titled ‘Photoemission spectroscopy applied to storage energy material’, will be presented by the expert Dr. Anass Benayad, Ingénieur-Chercheur at CEA-LITEN.




-TEESMAT Success Stories-




GENESINK Success Story

GENESINK is developing two solutions for Copper metallization of polymer flexible substrates that will be integrated as current collector into printed flexible batteries.
The TEESMAT project has provided accurate tools and techniques to assess the quality and the performance of the Cu-metallized substrates developed by GENESINK with the identification, mapping, and follow-up of the copper oxidation state.




ZINERGY Success Story

In a first step a laboratory-based study was performed by IN-CORE Systèmes to evaluate the feasibility of an inline quality control and measurements of the requested parameters. In the following months one of the tested 3D technologies will be installed in the Zinergy production line to perform height measurements during the different production steps of the electrode.




-TEESMAT External Service Providers-



TEESMAT partners held various discussions with External Service Providers with the main objective of fostering new ties and collaboration opportunities in the sector. Following discussions several Service providers were invited to join the project activities.




-TEESMAT Summer School-



The TEESMAT partners are organising a Summer School.

The activities will include lecturers from industry and academia for the first two days and a three day hands on training seminars on advanced battery characterization techniques.








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