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EIT InnoEnergy and Batteries Europe publish the Strategic Research Agenda


EIT InnoEnergy and Batteries Europe publish the Strategic Research Agenda

The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Batteries, led by EIT InnoEnergy, has published the Strategic Research Agenda for the upcoming years

The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Batteries (ETIP Batteries, Batteries Europe) has published its Strategic Research Agenda, one of the central deliverables of the work of the Platform. The document sets the priorities that battery research should follow in the next years, supported by all relevant stakeholders including European, National and Regional Research and Innovation funding agencies.

Download the Strategic Research Agenda

With the increased efforts towards decarbonisation set by the EU Green Deal and the knowledge that technological progress will lead to progressive electrification, the EIT Community has now the requirement to immediately prioritise battery research, with a holistic approach across the entire battery value chain. Following the Platform’s prerogative, the agenda identifies topics across the value chain and the relative urgency in which they need to be tackled in order to foster the energy transition.

Batteries Europe is the one-stop-shop for battery research in Europe, coordinating the efforts of research centres and industry in making Europe a competitive, sustainable and self-sufficient actor in the global battery scene. The ETIP is collaborating with related initiatives and associations to disseminate the scope of its work and engage in fruitful synergies in 2021.

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