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TEESMAT - Open Innovation Test Bed for Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials

About us

Our History

TEESMAT follows a European Project funded by the H2020 program (Grant agreement ID: 814106). The project was to gather into a single platform advanced and standard characterisation techniques for the characterisation of Electrochemical Energy Material and System.

From March 2023, TEESMAT is providing 35 commercial services for Industry with the goal to provide a comprehensive response to any critical bottlenecks faced by EU stakeholders in the field of electrochemical energy storage materials. Currently, It leverages EU know-how & expertise from 11 European partners coming from the academic and the industry sectors. Our solutions are innovative because TEESMAT is a unique place where standard and advanced characterisation techniques are combined and where customer has a unique chance to discuss with many different experts in the field. In addition, our optimised procedure allow customer to get results in a limited amount of time, a clear advantage when you develop a new product.

Regarding the data, the customer has the choice about disclosing it or keep it confidential. More details can be provided.

Please request a measurement or ask for more details. We will be happy to provide you the best answer and to be your support in the development of your product.

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