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EITB Batteries Raw Materials and Recycling Roadmap 2021


EITB Batteries Raw Materials and Recycling Roadmap 2021

The European Technology and Innovation Platform(ETIP) Batteries Europe has been established as the “one-stop shop” for the battery-related R&I ecosystem and aims to accelerate the establishment of a competitive, sustainable and efficient value chain and globally competitive European battery industry through Research and Innovation to support the EU Green Deal and other EU policies.

Thematic Working Group 2 is addressing the subjects related to Raw Materials for the Lithium Ione Batteries (LIB) industry from its Sustainable Sourcing and Processing from primary sources and also from secondary sources as well as combination of both by means of Collection and Recycling of EoL batteries. Several cross-cutting issues such as Second Life and Safety have been identified as important topics to be covered.

The Working Group 2 has released a Raw Materials and Recycling Roadmap on February 2021.

The Road Map for Raw materials and Recycling responds to the need for EU to be able to be competitive in Li-ion batteries business, i.e. to identify research and innovation areas where EU is strong on the Li-ion battery related raw materials and recycling and on other hand identify where there is lack of knowhow, knowledge and R&I.