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Growth Opportunities from Decarbonisation in the Global Power Market, 2019–2030


Growth Opportunities from Decarbonisation in the Global Power Market, 2019–2030

$3.40 Trillion to be Invested in Renewable Technologies As Energy Transition Gains Much Needed Momentum

Powered by a strong momentum behind renewable energy, the power market is heading into the 2020s having come many-a-mile from the last decade. The 2020s will be a critical decade for one and all in the power industry, as the transition toward renewable energy is expected to increase in volume, while coal will take a downturn in most developed markets. Simultaneously, the shift towards electric vehicles is expected to create numerous opportunities for emerging business models and collaborations and partnerships between incumbents in the energy and mobility ecosystem. This research and analysis centres on some of the most important market trends across 5 major geographies—North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, China, and India.

The most significant trend observed across developed markets is the surge in need for flexibility, as system operators are coming under increasing pressure to manage the system with uncertain renewable output, declining coal output, and demand-side variability. As a result, technologies and solutions such as battery energy storage systems (BESS), gas engines, demand side response (DSR), and virtual power plants (VPP) are witnessing unprecedented adoption rates amongst utilities, solution providers, and end consumers, as these can also participate in flexible markets, including ancillary services.

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