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President von der Leyen underlines the importance of batteries at the EU Industry Days 2021


President von der Leyen underlines the importance of batteries at the EU Industry Days 2021

President von der Leyen stated the importance of batteries in her opening speech at the EU Industry Days 2021.

« Building new and agile alliances where the public sector joins forces with industry. This kind of cooperation is already proving to be incredibly powerful in some sectors. For example, our Battery Alliance makes a very good story. Europe will need more and more batteries, to reach our goal of climate neutrality. The European market for batteries will be worth EUR 250 billion already in 2025. But Europe still relies massively on batteries that are entirely or partially made abroad, often with environmental standards that lack our ambition.

This is where the European Battery Alliance comes into play. The Alliance has brought together over 500 industries, research centres and investors. The European institutions have put on the table substantial resources, and so have our Member States. Less than a month ago, we approved almost EUR 3 billion in new public investment. And in parallel, you have helped us develop new rules on battery technology. Thanks to the Alliance, the most innovative, long-lasting and clean batteries for electric cars will soon be ‘made in Europe’. And this common investment in batteries could create one million new jobs already by the end of next year.

So I want Europe to invest in this approach – building new alliances and partnerships with the private sector. I mentioned the Raw Materials Alliance. Or our Clean Hydrogen Alliance is also taking its first steps. And the same logic has led us to launch a Pact for Skills. In these months of pandemic, millions of European workers saw their workplace change before their eyes. They had to learn how to work remotely. And businesses of all kinds had to move part of their operations online.

The Pact is an offer for cooperation with European industries, but also with trade unions, chambers of commerce and employment agencies. Let us invest together. Let us join forces so that as many workers as possible have the skills they need to succeed in an evolving labour market. If we get this right, the green and the digital transitions will benefit not only young professionals in the most cutting-edge businesses, that is ok, but also workers of all ages, in all industries and all European regions.

This is how Europe should always work. We should not just work for our industry, but with our industry. And this is why the Industry Days are so important. We are here to work together. We are here to discuss the way forward for example for our Pact for Skills. We are here to chart the future of our alliances. We are here to find out how we can make the most of NextGenerationEU »

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