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TEESMAT - Open Innovation Test Bed for Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials

TEESMAT Webinar series

TEESMAT project organises a series of webinars with the Service Providers presenting the validated characterization techniques and user cases.

TEESMAT Webinar series

WEBINAR 1 – Photoemission spectroscopy applied to storage energy material

WEBINAR 2 – In line quality control, digitalization and traceability of battery electrodes during all process steps

WEBINAR 3 – Non-Contact Sheet Resistance Measurement by Eddy Current

WEBINAR 4 – X-ray nano-tomography & Hard X-ray total scattering for thorough battery investigations

WEBINAR 5 – Raman spectroscopy: a valuable tool for battery research

WEBINAR 6 – Battery physics-based modelling: Fundamentals and Methodologies