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-TEESMAT Webinar Series-




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30 MARCH 2022 - 15:00-16:00 CET

TEESMAT project organises a series of webinars with the Service Providers presenting the characterization techniques and user cases.

The sixth webinar, titled ‘Battery physics-based modelling: Fundamentals and Methodologies, will be presented by the expert Odile Capron from the Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek – VITO.




-TEESMAT Winter School-



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The TEESMAT Winter School was implemented on January 10-14, 2022.

The five-day school allowed students, scientists, and professionals from the academic and non-academic sectors to meet each other and learn more about characterization technologies for advanced electrochemical energy storage.

The success of the event was remarkable. Nearly 120 people from around Europe registered and joined the event by the zoom platform. About 100 engineers, scientists and students actively participated in most sessions. The school opened with the presentation of the project by the coordinator Fabien Perdu from CEA, following Claude Chanson presenting the EU vision on energy storage. 





-TEESMAT Success Story-



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EASYL Success Story

Easyl produces Zn-based electrodes for Zn/Ni batteries. Different parameters and formulations can be tested in order to find the best compromise to reach the best performance of batteries.

Easyl contacted TEESMAT to find a tool to probe the electrical conductivity of the produced electrodes. This tool would be used later to control the produced electrodes' quality.




-TEESMAT at the EBN Congress 2022-



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24-25 May 2022, the TEESMAT project will take part in the EBN Congress joining the panel 'Innovation community growth - Based on science, built for market, creating impact out of research' to explore how innovation actors support the rapid technological change and their perspective on how to transfer promising technologies from the laboratory and research into the market.

From EU|BICs to industry players, and policymakers, this session will explore how to identify and systematize the creation of impact out of research, drawing on real-world methods being used to bring research out of the labs and into the commercial world.  









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