TEESMAT - Open Innovation Test Bed for Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials


The overall aim of TEESMAT is to lower the barriers of access to industrially relevant, novel problem-solving techniques and services, including characterisation and data analytics for large and small companies. This aim will be pursued by setting up & implementing a financially sustainable Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) whose techniques and services address such diverse problems faced in the development of clean, safe, high-performance battery solution. Such problems include how-to eliminate a deviation in a new process and how to choose a new material (eg. to replace a harmful or unsafe material or to improve the cost-performance ratio).

TEESMAT gathers qualified private/public Service Providers (SPs) to develop and demonstrate novel materials characterisation techniques, data analytics & services and apply them to 25 industrial User Access Cases (UACs). UACs are specific, unsolved problems faced by industrial Service Users (SUs). The various UACs cover problems from across the full electrochemical energy storage value chain. The 10 partner Service Users are representative of the future clients to be served by the OITB. This testbed has been designed in close collaboration with these industrial end-users to overcome the limitations explained above in order to accelerate innovation, reduce development costs and facilitate compliance with regulations and best practices.